The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift Falcon 370/420 Wheel

The ultimate compact platform

The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift FS 370/420 is an original Falcon Spider Lift with market leading features. These Falcon Spider Atrium Lifts have a 37-42 m working height, and is available with both wheels and tracks. The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift was originally invented at first in the 1970’s, and developed ever since. The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift FS 370/420 is very applicable in matters of:

• Facility management
• Atrium access
• Narrow access
• Best quality & safety
• Double jib system
• Easy transport & propelling
• Low weight & ground pressure
• Need for flexible outrigger
• Limited setup space
• Power – Bi-energy Hybrid

The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift is capable of passing through a door opening a mere 0,9 m wide and 1,98 m high. Further details on The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift FS 370/420 is mentioned below, or you can click to download the full datasheet on this page also.

Falcon 370/420 Wheel equipment

Standard equipment:

Automatic stability & outreach control
Computer controlled (can-bus)
Proportional control of all functions
Battery powered with charger (360 Ah)
Double link-arm system
375 ° turret rotation, with integrated stop
Individual setting of each outrigger
Electronic checking of the power system (PLC)
Manual pump system for emergency lowering
Ability to self-load onto trucks or trailers
Non marking solid tires
Adjustable wheel-axle
Minimum width only 0.9 m
Space for tools etc. in basket
Storage room in chassis with lock
Boogie axle (reduces ground pressure)
4-wheel drive (2 axles)
Wireless remote control of all functions
Gradeability 10°/20%


+/- 90 ° basket rotation
220V AC power supply in the basket
Air/water supply in the basket
Sensor system on basket
Diesel engine
Anemometer wind warming system
400V AC direct powered electro motor
4-8 pcs extra batteries
Chassis control from basket
Special outrigger footplates
Basket in various sizes
Slope alarm
Twin wheels on rear axle
Special colour
Height control switch
Service tool
Anti entrapment system

Falcon 370/420 Wheel Details

Dimensions (transport position)

*Depending on optional equipment

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