From Falck Schmidt to FALCON LIFTS

The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift line of narrow, aerial, compact, atrium access lifts- or the “The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift Concept” as it is also known today – was developed and patented in the late 1970’s by its former parent company E. Falck Schmidt A/S in Denmark. The goal was quite simple, to develop a lift that could pass through a regular door opening, obtain considerable work height in minutes, yet be light and flexible.

While the goal was simple, the solution of the new Falcon Spider Atrium Lift was not.

Safety being the Number One priority and the trademark of the company, it was crucial to find a solution that would offer maximum safety combined with an environment, as friendly as possible, for the operator. The result was the “The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift Concept”, a compact spider lift that like its namesake sibling in nature can squeeze through very narrow places, and unfold when in position.

Consequently the lift can pass through an 1m wide and 2m high door opening, and when in place, the outriggers unfold like a spider’s legs, providing safe support for the lift. A unique and patented safety system was developed at the same time, constantly monitoring the pressure of each individual outrigger. In case of insufficient support, the lift will automatically shut down and limit operations to those functions that will re-establish support and safe operations. While revolutionary in the 1970s it is today standard equipment on any Falcon Spider Atrium Lift Concept together with a secondary safety system.

In March 2005 E. Falck Schmidt A/S successfully merged with DENKA Lift A/S to form WORLDLIFT Industries AS. WORLDLIFT Industries combined the two lines to offer trailer and compact platform solutions from 22 to 52 metres working height.

In 2009 the owner of WORLDLIFT Industries, SKAKO A/S (holding company) decided a rebranding of all companies in the group, and SKAKO Lift A/S was created. At the same time it was decided to concentrate all activities in Odense, and start up a massive outsourcing project.

The above mentioned decisions to merge the Denka line with The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift line, and at the same time to establish a massive outsourcing project was more difficult and resource demanding than expected.

This led to the decision to put SKAKO LIFT A/S for sale.

By effect of September 1st 2011 the senior management of SKAKO LIFT A/S, Finn Schlitterlau and Thyge Mikkelsen bought The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift Concept activities under the name TCA LIFT A/S. The strong brands Falcon Spider Atrium Lift and ReachMaster are kept together with a strong team of highly experienced employees.

In July 2017 Generationsskifte Invest A/S, a Danish based private equity firm, acquired 65% of the shares of TCA Lift A/S. Finn Schlitterlau and Thyge Mikkelsen, continue to manage the company and retain 35% of the share capital.

In April 2018 TCA Lift A/S changed name to FALCON LIFTS A/S in order to simplify and emphasize the forward-looking focus on developing the Falcon Spider lifts.

The aim for FALCON LIFTS A/S is to be one of the strongest players on the market with one of the best product programs. We develop, manufacture, deliver and maintain, on a global basis, systems and solutions that are superior in safety, functionality, technology and design, which enables our customers to conduct their tasks in a safer, better and more efficient way.


Key values which in our past have, in our present time does and in the future shall influence actions of all our employees:

Reliability Trust

  • We will only deliver reliable solutions
  • We must act trustworthy in the eyes of our partners, colleagues, customers and suppliers
  • We will stand up to our commitments


  • We will encourage innovative thinking
  • We will challenge the existing we can do it even better