FALCON LIFTS has more than 40 years experience of servicing and maintaining our Falcons.

We offer the highest levels of service and repair of Falcons and our Falcon Lifts certified engineers will ensure that your Falcon is safe, reliable and importantly compliant with international safety standards and recommendations.

We pride ourselves with our after sales support, whether this is servicing and maintenance of equipment, available spare parts, product training courses or technical support. After delivery of your new machine you can feel safe with our after sales team, who offers a range of services and customer supports.

Our aim is to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction and machine reliability. Costly machine downtime is minimized whilst extending the working life of your Falcon equipment and protecting residual values.

We look forward to supporting you.

Read more about our after-sales support here:

Service contracts

A service contact is an excellent way of maintaining your new Falcon Spider equipment right from the start.

Adding the cost of a service contract to your purchase can help counteract expenses and ease other problems. A service contract can pay for itself as it prevents against expensive and inconvenient beak downs.

As back-up, technicians will have access to authorized and skilled experts from the manufacturer, who as more technical experience concerning FALCON SPIDERs than anyone else in the World.

Our technicians are the best qualified to provide preventive maintenance and aftersales service. With our Service and Support contracts you save money, improve availability and have more time to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

Our service packages range from a Preventive Maintenance Package to a more sophisticated Maintenance Package including Extended Parts Warranty.

We, as manufacturer, highly recommend the maintenance packages, as they ensure that your platform will be checked by authorized and always manufacturer educated service technicians.


  • On site commissioning and hand over
  • On site – training of operators  and technical staff by authorized FALCON LIFTS technicians
  • Customer requested courses for operators and technical staff
  • Free In-house product training on safety, service and maintenance
  • Free In-house training of sales personnel
  • Free In-house training of demonstrator
  • Dealer training



Spare parts

  • Common spare parts in stock for day to day deliveries
  • One year warranty on spare parts
  • New and factory reconditioned parts.
  • Free access to updated  spare parts catalogues for download
  • A variety of applications available to upgrade your Falcon
  • Floor protection
  • Anti-entrapment
  • Collision protection
  • Anemometer wind warning system
  • Tree-care kit
  • GSM remote access
  • Cover for storing – full Falcon cover
  • Hazard lights

Please contact us for a quotation [email protected]


Our authorized and skilled experts will come to you for on-site maintenance, repairs and service.

Our service department offers the following:

  • Annual inspections according to international regulations – LOLER (UK) etc.
  • Service contracts
  • Major repairs abroad and in Denmark
  • Refurbishments at our Falcon Lifts  factory in Denmark
  • Reports of engineers work supplied to customer and kept in Falcon Lifts files  for future references
  • Hot-line – technical support via email, video calls on your mobil device or simply by telephone.
  • Free  upgrade of software system

Please do not hesitate contact us if you need service on your FALCON aftersales @falconlifts.com

Remote support

Our Falcon Service Tool – a remote diagnostic system for analysis and trouble shooting –  is standard on all new models.

As optional we offer a GSM geo-localization system for monitoring and diagnostic analysis and trouble shooting by technicians.  The GSM system also works as theft tracking.

Our technical support offer you highly qualified guidance with guaranteed success of problem solving.

If our support team needs to control your laptop remotely using team viewer –  Click the link below to download the program.  After download (5MB) start the program

Click here to Download TeamViewer


Safety is our highest priority. If you have any inquiries regarding safety issues or encounter any safety related issues please do not hesitate to contact us at aftersales @falconlifts.com and our technical support will assist you.

Our operators manual has outlined all details about the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly required inspections. Please find these available for download. Or inquire at aftersales @falconlifts.com


New owner

If you have recently purchased a new or preowned Falcon please inform us.

By registering your ownership of your Falcon we are able to provide you the best support and update you regarding upgrades, safety issues etc.

New owners should send us their details to update our owner files  [email protected]

In case your Falcon is scrapped, stolen or missing please inform us and we will contact you in case we receive any inquiries regarding the particular machine.

Request documents

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