In the realm of aerial access equipment, Falcon Lifts stands as a testament to enduring quality and reliability. This story illuminates the remarkable journey of one loyal customer, highlighting the steadfastness of Falcon Lifts’ products, in collaboration with their esteemed dealer, Muscat Overseas Engineering Services. Our narrative unfolds within the awe-inspiring Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, an architectural and spiritual treasure in Oman.

Reliability that Stands the Test of Time

The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque recently made the decision to retire their trusty Falcon TST 29, a faithful companion since 2001, in favor of the cutting-edge Falcon 290. This choice not only underscores the exceptional durability and performance of Falcon Lifts’ offerings but also speaks volumes about the unwavering loyalty and trust customers bestow upon this brand, facilitated by their partnership with Muscat Overseas Engineering Services.
The fact that the TST29 served the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque effectively for 22 years is a testament to Falcon Lifts’ engineering excellence and dedication to creating products that are built to last. During these two decades, the Falcon TST29 tirelessly supported the maintenance and upkeep of this magnificent place of worship, ensuring its pristine condition.

Innovative Advancements 
While the TST29 was a game-changer in its time, the Falcon 290 represents the latest in aerial access technology. Falcon Lifts has continued to innovate and incorporate state-of-the-art features and improvements into their products.One standout feature in the Falcon 290 is its double jib, which enables operators to reach even the most challenging and difficult-to-access areas. This innovation has been instrumental in maintaining the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque’s pristine condition, allowing for the careful cleaning and maintenance of its beautiful chandelier, a symbol of both grandeur and elegance.

Protection of Sensitive Carpets

Notably, Falcon Lifts’ commitment to preserving the mosque’s integrity extends to the protection of its sensitive carpets. The Falcon 290’s low ground pressure design ensures that the mosque’s exquisite floor coverings remain unscathed during maintenance operations.

Building Trust and Loyalty

The decision to choose Falcon Lifts again once again is not just about the products; it’s about the trust and loyalty that have developed over the years. Falcon Lifts’ dedication to customer satisfaction, reliable after-sales support, and a global network of service providers, including Muscat Overseas Engineering Services, have played a pivotal role in nurturing this enduring relationship.
The partnership between Falcon Lifts and Muscat Overseas Engineering Services ensures that this advanced equipment will continue to serve the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque with the utmost efficiency and safety, maintaining the mosque’s splendour for generations to come.