Falcon 13-27 meters

The ultimate compact platform.

Falcon has an extremely versatile boom configuration and machine compactness which make the Falcon models the best choice for maintainers, pruners, installers and hires.

Falcon 13-27 meter models are capable of passing through a door opening of mere 0,8 m wide and 2 m high.

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The spider lift is very applicable in matters of:

  • Facility management access
  • Atrium access
  • Limited/narrow access in general
  • Limited floor pressure
  • Easy transport and propelling
  • Tree Care
  • Need for flexible outrigger
  • Limited setup space
  • Low weight and ground pressure
  • Power Bi-energy Hybrid

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Brian Falck Schmidt
Brian Falck SchmidtTechnical Sales Director
+45 40 31 04 32